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14 Cute Fairy Garden Design Ideas

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Have you ever heard of these cute Fairy gardens?

They are becoming increasingly popular and more and more folks love that new inclusion in their home or backyard.

What exactly are Fairy Gardens?

It is intended to be an amazing green scene in which dwell tiny magical creatures like Fairies, but additionally gnomes, dwarfs, elves etc. designed to bring decent fortune to your home.

They generally include several elements such as fantastical figurines, but also miniature benches, structures, houses, bridges and rivers which produce this unique small world and give it a charming soul.

What setting to get a Fairy Garden?

Since the Fairy Gardens are made and imagined from scratch, there is an infinite number of unique kinds, design and topics out there!

If they’re placed inside the home, they probably will be small and increased in containers garden like pot plants, plants or glass containers.

If they are part of a backyard, there is absolutely no size limit and other topics become possible such as a woodland Fairy garden (installed in the food of a shrub ) or using an existing water feature (mini ship, bridge, dock).

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