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21 Lovely Shabby Chic Living Room Design Ideas

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Many tend to correlate shabby chic decorating using femininity nevertheless I disagree. To me personally shabby chic is a decorating style that conveys pride in history by using furniture, couches, and pieces of art from previous phases, the vintage pieces ideally seem a little wornout, to produce a beautifully outdated design plot.

It had been in the 1980s if Rachel Ashwell started using this expression, then an inexpensive line of furniture became famous for shabby chic decorating. The furniture partners with a range of historical designs from other periods, the bits are produced to look as though they're older, worn and out of a previous period, for instance that the 18oo's country French, Shaker designs, and many more.

A shabby chic living room is ideal if you would love to showcase your favourite accessories and antiques. And on top of that it is likely to produce your very own shabby chic decor using things in your home and paints.