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Best Compact House Inspired by the Popular Game Tetris


I am certain that all you have played the game Tetris. Tetris is indeed remarkably popular across the world among children and older individuals, so it’s played by people who actually do not enjoy the sport. In this informative article, I would like to discuss a streamlined home inspired by the game Tetris. If you like Tetris or maybe not, I think you should take inspiration in the living area since it’s quite unique and interesting.

The gray tone outside walls of the home, particularly on the front part, look as the arrangement of Tetris blocks. Everybody who sees the arrangement for the very first time must have astounded. Sloping roof generates more unique belief for your living area. The house outside is beautified by simple green front lawn garden.

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You may observe the influence of this game during the amazing black and white tufted benches in the living room. From top perspective, the seating appearance is quite much like Tetris blocks. A dark wooden table is put beside the item. Finished with captivating white chairs, the home owners are able to use the table for enjoying meals effortlessly.

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Even though the Tetris-inspired house adopts modern style, it has natural belief delivered from the wooden floor tiles. The interior also introduces directly stairs with wooden steps. Meanwhile, glass windows offer you beautiful landscape of green garden for your home owners. Well, this home has really attracted my memories back to my own youth when I played with the game Tetris along with my own brothers.