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Best Country House With Combination Of Natural Stone And Old Wood


A real country house with wooden and stone stuff on it is tricky to find. Some folks also think it is too old college and dull. Although it used lots of wooden and stone materials, yet this home looks so striking and magnificent. The classic feature on it is going to cause you to feel comfortable with it.

The stone and wooden substance since the prime one was seen in the fa├žade. The huge home with a gabble roof design on it appears to be so stunning. Combining wood and stones as the main substance, this home has to be so demanding for ages. The natural landscape across it turns into a fantastic improvement for your outdoor design.
Inside the home, the domination of stone and wooden stuff continue to be apparent.

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The rock fireplace involving wooden storage in the living room are an excellent case for this. Brown sectional couch using a rectangular wooden coffee table in the center of how it’s going to finish it. Still, the low wooden ceiling with a ceiling fan on it is going to create this living room gets comfortable.The wooden cabinetry all over the kitchen is indeed identical to country kitchen. Alongside it, there is a elegant dining room with wooden dining place on it. Designed with classic chandelier and a few windows on this dining room gets so endearing.

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This country design can be thought to be the real country home. The stone and wooden substance which may be discovered within n the home is the evidence of it. The classic and a bit rustic to your interior design make this home gotten so amazing.